Affinitweet changelog
Affinitweet changelog

Affinitweet 2.0

This is the biggest Affinitweet update since its complete redesign in February 2018. This update fixed a lot of bugs, improved global performances, speed and reliability to be able to deliver more features in the future.




[Feature history] Your history has been deleted but it now includes your generated results and images! You will be able to see your old image results and we promise we will never delete it again ⏳




[Improved performances] You will see that your navigation will be blazing fast and your results too, we improved a lot the backend of Affinitweet to be able to deliver your results even faster than before. We're now using NuxtJS ⚡️

[Improved design] The whole app has been improved to be more accessible. Fonts are thicker, larger and darker 🖤

[Redesigned feature results] Your results will now be UNIQUE. With the pattern background, they are uneditable to be sure that they are 100% authentic. We redesigned them to be easier to read and understand 👌

[Famous Followers] The Famous Followers wasn't available for protected accounts until now. We're pleased to announce that if you have a protected account and less than 75 000 followers, you will now be able to do the Famous Followers feature! ✨

[Gender-neutral pronouns] A lot of users asked us a lot to use gender-neutral pronouns in feature results, it's now done! 🧑

[Removed monetization options] You are not able to select your monetization option anymore since the browser mining third-party service doesn't exist anymore. Ads are now displayed to all Affinitweet users 🔥




[Fixed a lot of bugs] It's incredible how many bugs we fixed in this release 🐛