Affinitweet changelog
Affinitweet changelog

New feature and Beta program

Here we go, a new feature is now available for users being part of the Beta program (this is new too) and will be released publicly soon! This feature has been developed regarding our Twitter poll, thanks for your votes 💜




[Beta program] The Beta program has been created to test new features before they get released to the public to be sure that they're working as expected. By applying for free, you will be able to test them 🚧

[Twitter Activity] This is our first beta feature you'll be able to test before everyone else: discover the summary of your activity and your Twitter statistics thanks to the Twitter Activity 📊




[Feature grid view] You can now toggle between list and grid views on the features page. It's as you wish you now have the choice! 🖼




[Profile navigation] The profile navigation bar wasn't working when clicking on icons for mobile users, this is now fixed! 🐛

[Common Friends issue] Until now, the Common Friends was calculated only on the last 5000 followings. So if you have less than 5000 followings, you haven't been impacted by this issue.

[Forever cookie banner] The cookie banner and help banner will now disappear for a long time when you close them.